20 Tips for Electrical Safety for Children

by | Jan 18, 2024

Hey there, young explorers! We know how exciting it can be to learn about all the cool things around us, especially when it comes to electricity. But it’s super important to stay safe while having fun. So, we’ve got 20 awesome tips to help you learn about electrical safety and keep you out of trouble.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Tip 1: Ask an Adult

Always ask a grown-up for help when dealing with electrical stuff. They’re like safety superheroes!

Tip 2: No Water, Please

Never touch electrical things with wet hands or when you’re in water. Water and electricity don’t mix, like oil and water – they’re a no-no combo.

Tip 3: Stay Away from Outlets

Keep your fingers, toys, and any objects away from electrical outlets. Those tiny holes might look interesting, but they’re not for exploring!

Tip 4: Power Off and Unplug

Before fixing or plugging in anything, make sure it’s turned OFF and unplugged. Safety first!

Tip 5: Cool Cords

Check cords and plugs for damage. If you see any cracks or exposed wires, tell an adult right away. Cords should be smooth and unbroken, just like a superhero’s cape!

Tip 6: No Yanking, Please

Pull cords out gently from the socket, not by tugging on the cord. Treat them like they’re delicate spaghetti!

Tip 7: Don’t Overload

Avoid plugging too many things into one outlet. It’s like inviting too many friends to your birthday party – it could get messy!

Tip 8: No Metal in Outlets

Never, ever stick anything metal into an outlet – that’s a shocking idea!

Tip 9: Stay Away from Appliances

Keep your curious hands away from kitchen appliances and big machines, like washing machines and dryers. They’re not for playing!

Tip 10: Pull the Plug

If you are allowed to remove an electronic device from a wall socket, always turn the switch off and pull it out with the plug. Do not pull it out by the cord, it can cause damage to the cord.

Tip 11: Epic Electric Toys

If you have electric toys, like remote control cars, follow the rules and don’t take them apart on your own.

Tip 12: Use Plug Covers

Adults can use plug covers to protect you from poking your fingers into outlets. Think of them like little safety caps.

Tip 13: No Climb Zone

Don’t climb trees near power lines. Those lines are for delivering electricity, not to be mixed with monkey business!

Tip 14: Look Up

Always look up and around for power lines when you’re playing outside. Be aware of where they are, just like spotting birds in the sky!

Tip 15: Cool Down Space Heaters

If your home uses space heaters, make sure they’re away from anything that can catch fire. They’re heaters, not fire starters!

Tip 16: Respect Work Zones

If you see grown-ups working on electrical stuff, stay far away. Those tools and wires are for the experts!

Tip 17: Avoid Electric Water

Don’t swim or play near electric water sources like pools with underwater lights. Splish-splash safely!

Tip 18: Stay Grounded

When it’s stormy, stay inside and away from water faucets and wires. Lightning and water don’t mix well.

Tip 19: Keep Kites Away from Power Lines

Remember, kites and power lines don’t mix. Fly your kite in open spaces, far from power lines and trees.

Tip 20: Be an Electrical Safety Champion

Share these tips with your friends and family. Together, we can all be electrical safety superheroes!

Fun Activities

We have made some hopefully fun but definitely free activities that you are welcome to download below.

Just Remember:

Learning about electrical safety can be fun, and it’s essential to keep yourself and others safe. Electricity is a superpower, but like all superpowers, it should be used wisely. So, remember these tips, and you’ll be on your way to becoming an expert in electrical safety. Stay curious, stay safe, and have an electrifying day, young adventurers! ⚡😊

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