An Electrician’s Advice For Bedroom Renovation

by | Mar 25, 2024

One of the most important stages of bedroom renovation is planning. Though it sounds quite obvious, this is the stage where things can get wrong quite fast. Take a little more time in charting out what you want to be done, including the lighting and wiring specifications with the bedroom before finalising and executing the project.

๐Ÿ’กBell Electrical tip: We highly recommend you include us early in the process. This way we can understand your expectations and make the necessary suggestions so that the project gets completed successfully.

Things to keep in mind during bedroom renovation:


It goes without saying that the bedroom should be well-lit during the day and dimly lit at night to help you relax and wind down at the end of the day. Dimmer lights are hence an essential now to achieve this effect during a bedroom renovation.

We recommend going the LED route as not only are LED lights energy efficient, they are durable and available in a variety of options. Here’s a brief overview to get you started:

  • CAN LED Lights

Temperature-adjusted dimmable LEDs that spread light in a wide range

  • Smart LED Lights

These LEDs can be controlled via app, Bluetooth, or smart home system.

  • Track LED Lights

Can be used for focused lighting wherever you need to highlight a space in your bedroom. These can be used to focus on an area to be used for study or work.

There are several other types of LEDs you can explore and choose from to suit your needs.

๐Ÿ’กBell Electrical tip: For that wow factor, you can always opt for sconces or low hanging pendant lights on both sides of the bed. Accent lights add a feather to the cap by taking your bedroom lighting up a notch. They help create a pleasant and relaxing ambience.

Furniture Placement

Are you the type that likes to change the furniture around or are you happy having all in the same place ongoing? In my house I get home every once in a while and find everything moved around in a room or two. My experience with this has taught me that sometimes it is better to have more options in different points of a room for power outlets, otherwise you are either limited with furniture placement or have unsightly extension cords.


If the bedroom you are renovating is for a child, then it is worth considering the different electrical needs they may have as they age. With young kids they care about toys, as parents we hope for sleep. As they turn into teenagers they will need to study and often study takes place in their bedroom. They may have alarm clocks, laptops, tablets, phones, just to name a few.

bedroom renovation electrical advice

Socket and switch placement

It’s important to consider efficiency and location when it comes to the placement of sockets in the bedroom. The sockets should be placed near beds or nightstands so that it is convenient to charge phones and other devices. 

It should also be kept in mind that the power points cater to the changes in devices nowadays. Different devices like laptops and PCs have different voltage requirements, which have to be considered during electrification.

Switches should be placed on the walls near the entrance and doors without any obstructions for easy access.


Always double check if you’d need something extra or any customisation for your unique requirements. The options are endless, including an extra control panel, extra sockets, and more voltage requirements for some power outlets.

Special designs

If you’re renovating your master bedroom then you can consider adding some additional features, such as built-in charging points and aesthetic and decorative lighting.

All of this can look intimidating, but if you include your electrician from the beginning, you’ll get all the professional tips and insights you’ll ever need to make your renovation journey as smooth as possible.

Now, when everything’s planned and ready, here’s an overview of how we execute your bedroomโ€™s renovation:


First we disconnect everything so that the space is safe for everyone working in it. We undertake a make-safe procedure to remove everything temporary from the room so that the renovation can begin.

Running wires

Once all the temporary walls and structures are down, we mark all the points where the lights, switches, sockets, and other things go so that they can be installed easily after rebuilding the walls.

Choose The Right Specialist

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