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Ensure your peace of mind with a reliable security system that safeguards your valuables while you’re away. Criminals tend to steer clear of homes equipped with security measures, opting for easier targets to minimise risks and maximise their chances of success.

What exactly are CCTV security systems and how do they function?

CCTV security systems are your ultimate shield against intruders. But what exactly are they? CCTV, short for Closed Circuit Television, offers a sophisticated solution to monitor both your home and business premises. With strategically placed cameras and monitors, you can live-stream events and store footage for future reference. Unlike regular TVs, CCTV monitors exclusively display footage captured by security cameras, ensuring utmost privacy.

Why should I install CCTV and surveillance cameras?

In Australia, home invasions are shockingly prevalent, with 185,300 break-ins reported during 2022-23.

By installing CCTV systems, you gain an extra set of vigilant eyes to safeguard your property. Whether it’s detecting suspicious activity or alerting you of potential threats, these systems offer unparalleled peace of mind.

So, whether you’re protecting your home or securing your business, CCTV security systems are a wise investment for all-around protection.

1. Visual repellents for criminal activities:

Enhance your security with CCTV cameras, serving as a visible deterrent against criminal activity in and around your property. This proactive measure not only safeguards your belongings but also ensures the safety of everyone inside your home. Ensure constant surveillance with home CCTV, giving you visual access to various areas around your property. With the ability to monitor your property remotely, you can enjoy a sense of safety knowing that your home is secure even when you’re away.

2. Reviewing past incidents:

In the unfortunate event of an incident like theft or vandalism, CCTV gives valuable evidence by capturing past events. Easily review recorded footage to identify the ones involved and recover stolen items, aiding in investigations and enhancing security measures.

3. Minimal maintenance:

Enjoy the convenience of low-maintenance CCTV systems that are reliable and durable. With a quality installation, such as those provided by professional electricians like us at Bell Electrical, minimal upkeep is required, with occasional check-ups and cleaning by professionals ensuring optimal performance.

4. Insurance benefit:

Investing in CCTV can lead to benefits with insurance companies, often resulting in lower premiums. By demonstrating your commitment to security, insurers recognise the reduced risk of incidents, offering potential savings on insurance costs.

Security camera & CCTV installation in Bayside, VIC

Reliability and efficiency

Keep your home safe with our services in residential CCTV surveillance systems. Our experts will work with you to choose the best camera locations, network recorder placement, and technology options tailored to your needs. We use high-quality cables and ensure a seamless installation process. Plus, we provide training and support for using the system on your smart devices that come with our Bayside home automation services.

Installation and maintenance of alarms and security systems

We offer comprehensive alarm and security system installations for homes and businesses. Our services include installing door and window sensors, panic controls, intruder alerts, biometric entry systems, and detectors for water, fire, and gas. You can control your system remotely via smartphone.

Repairs and upkeep

Don’t leave your security vulnerable. Trust us for repairs, upgrades, and preventative maintenance for your CCTV or security system. We ensure your system functions properly and reduce the risk of costly repairs.

Commercial CCTV installation services

Protect your business with our top-of-the-line commercial CCTV security systems in Melbourne. Our systems offer superior security, intrusion detection, and prevention of theft and vandalism.

Enterprise CCTV installation services

Deter criminal activities due to the visible CCTV security systems for your office or warehouse. Minimise theft and have evidence for workplace incidents with our installations.

Types of CCTV systems we work with

We offer services in a diverse selection of CCTV systems tailored to your specific needs and budget, suitable for both residential and commercial use. Our range includes various control options such as remote access and monitoring from your smartphone. Read on to discover more about the types of CCTV systems installations we provide:

1. Basic CCTV installations and repairs

Ideal for safeguarding both the interior and exterior of your home, the basic CCTV systems come in a range of sizes and complexities, from single-camera setups to networks of up to eight cameras. Each camera connects to a central management system with sufficient storage for approximately two weeks of footage, ample for a typical family vacation. While basic systems are hard-wired for increased reliability, they may entail higher upfront installation costs due to drilling and wiring. However, their setup simplicity and maintenance benefits outweigh these considerations.

2. Wireless CCTV installations and repairs

Offering greater flexibility in camera placement, wireless CCTV systems eliminate the need for hard wiring, reducing installation expenses and minimising visual clutter. With the convenience of smartphone or tablet control, you can access your system from virtually anywhere. Typically comprising four to eight cameras connected to a central storage unit, wireless systems provide ample storage for up to two weeks of footage. Most systems feature 1080p HD cameras suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

3. Integrated CCTV systems installations and repairs

For comprehensive home security, we offer integrated CCTV systems that seamlessly connect to alarm and security lighting setups. Whether hard-wired or wireless, these systems are tailored to your needs, with hard-wired setups favoured for commercial applications and wireless setups for residential use. Our integrated systems boast HD 1080p cameras capturing footage at 20 frames per second, ensuring high-quality recordings for suspect identification. Night vision capabilities enhance security after dark, while smartphone or tablet integration allows two-way communication with visitors or intruders, enhancing overall safety and convenience.

Lower your energy bills with our licensed electricians in Bayside

Looking to cut down on your company’s energy expenses? Our licensed electricians at Bell Electrical are here to help you. We offer various strategies to reduce energy consumption, including implementing energy-efficient equipment, transitioning to energy-saving lighting solutions, and conducting regular maintenance on existing equipment to optimise efficiency. Our industrial electricians specialise in innovative energy management techniques, strategic planning, and the utilisation of high-quality equipment. Whether it’s optimising your power factor or transitioning to variable-speed drives, we’re here to help you streamline your energy usage and lower your overall costs.

Understanding the cost of installing a CCTV system

In Melbourne, the cost of installing a CCTV system in your home can range from $1000 to $5500. But why such a wide gap between prices? The answer lies in the features, reliability, and performance of the system.

Let me guide you to choose a system that fits your needs perfectly without overspending.

Here are 5 factors that influence the price of your CCTV installation:

  1. The number of CCTV cameras you require
  2. Whether the cameras are smart or not
  3. The resolution of the cameras, measured in ‘Megapixels’
  4. The amount of storage space needed for recorded footage
  5. The complexity of the installation, including cable running time


Why choose Bell Electrical for CCTV and security alarm installation?

At Bell Electrical, we pride ourselves in providing top-quality Bayside security camera & CCTV installation and maintenance services along with alarm and security system solutions. Our team of licensed professionals is dedicated to delivering top-tier service with every job. With more than a decade of experience in all kinds of electrical services and repairs, including CCTV home security system installations across Melbourne, we guarantee timely, professional service. We make sure the process is stress-free, leaving you with the ease of mind that your home is secure. Trust us to provide the most cost-effective and practical solution for all your CCTV and home security needs.

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