Electrical Safety Devices You need Installed at your home

by | Jun 27, 2023

Electricity plays a vital role in your home, and any Cheltenham electrician would agree to that. Whether it be watching TV, powering up the AC, doing your laundries, or charging your cellphone, you rely on your home’s electrical system so much. Your home electrical system provides power when and where you need it.

Can you imagine living without electricity? We bet not! It is hardwired in our lives that even imagining living without it is a nightmare. However, most Australian households don’t even install electrical safety devices for their homes.

Are you wondering what electrical safety devices should be installed in your home? Read on to learn more about different devices that ensure your property’s safety against electrical issues.

Circuit breakers

Have you experienced your electricity tripping and fluctuating? To avoid this from happening, most Cheltenham electrician will advise you to install circuit breakers. These devices are usually lined up and hidden within a panel box, and they can detect when the current electricity flow is too much for the circuit to handle.

The role of a circuit breaker cannot be overstated. It is an automatically operated switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from any damage caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit. As one of the most important safety devices, they serve as a fail-safe when a circuit failure is detected.

Without a circuit breaker, the possibility for electrical hazards increases since there’s no way of detecting and stopping the circuits from being overloaded with power.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

All Cheltenham electricians are familiar with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI.) It is designed to protect electronic devices by breaking the circuit when an imbalance between incoming and outgoing current occurs. It ensures that electrical wiring and receptacles do not overheat and cause any other electrical hazards.

GCFI outlets use automatic sensors and disruptors to minimise the risk of shock injuries and electrical burns.

When detecting an electrical anomaly, the GFCI will trip or interrupt the circuit within milliseconds. It cuts off the power and prevents a tragedy from happening. Unlike the circuit breaker, GFCI does not require immediate replacement after every fault.

Surge Protectors

Was there a time when you smelled an acrid, burnt odour near your outlets? Is your device suddenly resetting? Are your lights flashing? If any of these are happening, then you might be experiencing a power surge.

Power surges are dangerous for your computers and home appliances. They would usually harm your electronic devices, causing them to function at a suboptimal level. At worse, they can even cause fires. That’s why Melbourne electricians will install electrical safety devices, such as surge protectors to protect your homes against power surges.
Surge protectors may look like extension cords and power strips, but they differ by offering much more protection against sudden increases in current flow. They are also more expensive since they inhibit the irregular flow of power and shield your devices from frying.

Automatic Voltage Regulators

These devices are designed to regulate voltage automatically, which means that they convert volatile or fluctuating voltage levels into a constant one.

An automatic voltage regulator must be installed in places that experience frequent power loss and outages. Most AVRs have a power-on delay and quick-start features as additional protection against sudden surges and overvoltages.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

You’ve probably noticed the big black box connected to your desktop – that is an example of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS.)

A UPS is necessary to make sure your appliances won’t be damaged when surges and outages happen. It ensures that a steady flow of electricity is supplemented to your electronic devices and home appliances. When electrical fluctuations occur, it will automatically supply power for a limited time. This allows you to properly turn off your devices and avoid the damages of a sudden electrical shutdown.

Usually, the power time supplied by a UPS is more than enough to turn off most, if not all, of your electronic devices and appliances.

Protect Your Homes and Install Electrical Safety Devices!

Electricity is one of the groundbreaking advancements of the modern-day. It has shaped how we live, work, and go about our days. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that we manage our home’s electricity safely.

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