Electrical Safety Tips and Hazards

by | Jun 27, 2023

Every day, the workplace buzzes with activity. Across all industries, all workplaces use up huge amounts of electricity daily, especially today in the digital age where most work is done with the use of devices. This is amplified in industries like information technology, business process outsourcing, accounting firms, technological firms, e-commerce companies – basically, businesses who are fully dependent on electricity in order to operate. There is no debate that energy use and energy efficiency are much more important today than ever before.

But the higher the electricity use, the higher the health and safety risks associated with it. What your local electrician in Hampton and Melbourne, in general, would advise you to do is to keep in mind these essential tips for electrical safety at your workplace.

First, what are the different ways you could get an electrical injury at the office, and how might they occur?

The most common types of electricity-related workplace injuries are electric shocks, burns, falls, and electrocution. They can happen when:

  • Electrical circuits are exposed, and a person comes into direct contact with it.
  • The air contains an electricity arc that comes from an exposed energised conductor or circuit, putting people passing through at risk for injury.
  • Electric arcs generate heat and the skin comes into contact with that heat.
  • UV and IR light emitted from electric arc flashes come into contact with the eyes.
  • Electric arc blasts release pressure, causing lung damage or hearing problems.

In any case, these injuries are caused by poorly set-up wiring, poorly maintained equipment, overheating of outlets, bad cable management, worn-out equipment, or irresponsible contact with the equipment (such as when a person approaches high-energy equipment with wet hands.) It is important to note that these problems are completely preventable, so really, the first and main electrical safety tip is to hire an electrician in Brighton or other Melbourne suburbs that has a solid reputation.

Electrical safety tips you should always keep in mind

Be discerning in your choices for electrical equipment

Electrical safety should not be practised after-the-fact: the moment you shop for devices and appliances, you are already practising electrical safety. Ensure that the devices, lights, HVAC appliances, and other equipment are of good quality (they should be should come with approval from a trusted national facility.) When in use, they should be properly grounded or double-insulated. Make sure there are no broken or damaged cords, and that they don’t give off a foul smell when used.

Cultivate a habit of unplugging or switching off at the workplace

Many employees forget to unplug or switch off, or simply choose not to. You don’t always experience the consequences (like overheating or wear-out) of failing to unplug immediately; often, these consequences occur overtime. Remind employees of the possible harms so they don’t forget to unplug and switch off their own stations. Maintenance staff could be tasked to take care of the rest, such as turning off general power sources.

Mind the outlets

If plugs don’t fit into an outlet, don’t force it to. Outlets must not be too crowded or overloaded. They should also be regularly checked to avoid any electric shock due to a defective outlet. Properly label outlets that are defective, or have them removed completely. Make sure that outlet removal doesn’t produce rogue or open wires.

Perform routine checks and maintenance

Look out for defects and replace or repair immediately – do not wait for them to fully malfunction as that could lead to much higher costs for you. It could also cause untoward injuries, which the company will be liable for.

Be proactive and get your employees involved

While most companies have maintenance teams or employ third-party electrical maintenance contractors, it would still definitely be beneficial for you if employees are fully knowledgeable about electrical safety. Include electrical safety in your training programs, and perform drills for your electrical safety protocols. You can’t be too careful – the more information there is, the better.

If you suspect that your office has a potential electrical hazard, call Bell Electrical immediately

Of course, prevention is always better than cure, and the more diligently you follow these steps above, the less likely you are to encounter an electricity-related problem.

However, there will always be a risk for malfunction, so as long as you have a keen eye for the warning signs, you will be able to nip problems in the bud. How? By asking a professional to handle the situation immediately.

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