What Are the Different LED Lighting Options and Which to Choose?

by | Mar 17, 2024

LED is among the most common types of lighting options that people are choosing to light up their homes, offices, and businesses. LEDs, or light emitting diodes don’t use metal filaments to work like how the conventional incandescent bulbs do. They light up when electricity passes through the semiconductor diodes.

They have become popular because though they emit the same amount of light as the incandescent bulbs, they don’t use up as much energy as they don’t get heated up. This in turn helps reduce the electricity bill, and who doesn’t want that?

Another good point about LED lights is their long life. They easily work for 10 years before you’d need to get a new one. Now I’ll tell you about 7 types of LED lights and suggest how to choose the best for you.

1. Standard LED lights

These are the most common types of LED lights. They look quite like the incandescent lights because of their shape. These were the first to replace incandescent lights to be used in homes and offices. They don’t have any advanced features like colour change or smart lighting.   


  • Efficient
  • Affordable


  • No extra features

2. Can LED lights

These lights are fixed into recessed ceiling pockets, which are commonly called cans. These lights come with reflectors inside that help the light go downwards and spread wider. Unlike standard LEDs, can LEDs come with a lot of extra features, like dimmable can LEDs, RGB can LEDs that can change colours, and built-in mechanism to connect with smart home systems. 

Can LEDs be colour temperature adjusted, from warm (2700 K) to cool (5000 K).


  • Have extra features
  • Dimmable can LEDs can be brightness and colour adjusted
  • Spread light wider in the room


  • More expensive than standard LEDs

3. Dimmable LED lights

This type is the best for mood lighting. Some dimmer LEDs usually need separate dimmer switches, while others can be connected to the smart home system or mobile app to increase or decrease their brightness. You can get these kinds of LEDs installed in a room where you spend the most of your time so that you can change their brightness the way you like it.


  • Brightness can be adjusted


  • Usually need separate dimmer switches
LED lighting options

4. Tube LED lights

They are generally used by offices and businesses. They are efficient and come with the option of changing colours. These suit best in professional environments where the most amount of light is needed. They are replacing fluorescent tubes in office spaces as they last longer and are cheaper in comparison. 

💡 Bell Electrical Tip: Tube LEDs come in two types: with rapid or instant-start ballast. They can replace fluorescent tubes in both cases. We suggest going for ballast-free. You just have to tweak the wiring a little bit so that the light is directly connected to the regular voltage supply.


  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • Can change colours
  • Suited to office spaces


  • Not suited for homes because of size and the need for a different setup

5. Track LED lights

These lights are mainly used for focused lighting. These work best when you want to highlight a specific space or decorative corner of your home, as they produce light in a specific direction. Because of this feature, they are also a good option for your reading corner or workspace at your home. They are set up on lighting tracks. The lights can be moved anywhere in the track so you can even change the area of focus whenever you want to.

Apart from their functional use, track LEDs also make your home look good with their focused lighting.


  • Focused lighting
  • Can change area of focus
  • Lights can move anywhere along the lighting track
  • Versatile
  • Improve aesthetics of home or office space
  • Compact


  • They need an additional setup of lighting track

6. Smart LED lights

As the name suggests, smart LED lights can be operated through a mobile app or connected to a smart home system via bluetooth. You can also control them by your voice. These lights offer colour change, brightness change, and colour temperature control. They need WiFi or bluetooth to display all the uses.


  • All-in-one with all features, including brightness and colour control
  • Easy to use through mobile app or smart home system


  • Dependent on WiFi or bluetooth for all features to work

7. Full-spectrum LED lights

These lights are used mainly for custom lighting. Better known as RGB lights, these lights produce a wide range of colour temperatures and light. Similar to smart LED lights, these can also be used via mobile app. You can choose a colour from thousands of options, and because of this unique feature, these lights are mainly used for decorative and mood lighting.


  • Can be operated through mobile app
  • Thousands of colours to choose from
  • Good for accent and mood lighting


  • Dependent on mobile app to fully work

In Summary

As we can see, there are a lot of options to choose from. How do you decide which to go for? You can think about these factors:

  1. What kind of light do you need?
    Do you want a soft, mellow light that helps you relax or a sharp light that helps you read or work? You can choose your type accordingly.
  2. How bright is too bright?
    Depends on your need. Brightness is measured in lumens. If you want a bright light, choose an LED light with high lumen. For your reference, a 60W incandescent bulb produces around 700 lumens.
  3. Do you want different colours?
    If you want to keep a variety in colours, you can go for full-spectrum LEDs, smart LEDs, or can LEDs.

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