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Living with a disability is not an easy task. Even the simplest of jobs needed to get by during the day pose unique challenges to our fellow people with impairments. According to 2018 data by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 17.7% of Australians, which translates to 4.4 million people were disabled.

Hence, providing NDIS services shouldn’t be considered an option for companies, organisations, and service providers, but a strong necessity. Only then we can be truly inclusive.

I have experience with neurodiverse children and adults. and it would be a privilege to have the opportunity to serve everyone with challenges and contribute

Unique requirements for NDIS electrical work

We currently can only work with plan managed and self funded participants.

The approach towards serving an NDIS plan participant is a bit different than that of other households. We are mindful of making our services and fixtures the most convenient and accessible to use as possible, all the while being compliant with the NDIS standards.

This can include height considerations for switchboards for wheelchair users or people with restricted mobility, installation of more hands-free gadgets that can be operated with smartphone technology, such as smart LEDs, and setting up smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home for more convenience.

What we can do for people with impairments

Services we offer

We can complete electrical house modifications and other electrical solutions for NDIS plan and self managed participants, covering all areas of their homes, including the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Not just general electrical work, we will provide installation and wiring services with:

➢ Intercom systems and smart locks
➢ CCTV cameras
➢ Motorised blinds
➢ Automated doors
I have found it crucial to set up closed-circuit TVs, intercoms, and smart locks, as individuals with disabilities frequently have several caregivers and support workers visiting their homes regularly. These added security measures give them real peace of mind, knowing who is coming to and going from their homes.

Our during and after-service care

While carrying on our electrical services, we make sure that there’s minimal disturbance to the client’s personal space and schedule. If a new smart device, fixture, or assistive technology is installed, we provide simple-to-understand instructions on its functioning, ensuring that each client feels comfortable to begin using it right away. In this way, we not only complete just a transactional service, but we help create a positive impact in someone’s life – an opportunity and privilege not many people are afforded.

NDIS Electrician Services

If you or someone you know is interested in discussing our electrical solutions and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0411 471 922.