Services Offered

Bell Electrical Contractors has a team who works in unity and strives to maintain quality work to ensure the safety of clients, workers, and everyone around the site. They ensure no property is damaged and no personnel or client is injured during the process. They are also Clean Energy Council certified to install solar and battery systems, making them environment friendly and efficient.

Bell Electrical Contractors offers services such as:

    • New electrical wiring,
    • Security Cameras,
    • Rewiring and renovations,
    • Switchboard and metering upgrades,
    • LED lighting,
    • Halogen to LED conversions,
    • LED lighting upgrades,
    • HIFI surround sound system wiring,
    • Security cameras and systems,
    • Networking, TV points and antennas,
    • Testing and tagging,
    • New appliance installations,
    • Ceiling fans,
    • Landscape lighting.
    • Air conditioning,
    • Solar systems,
    • Solar inspections,
    • Solar services,
    • Existing wiring inspections,
    • Air conditioning,
    • Dimmers,
    • Fault-finding,
    • Sensors,
    • Safety switches

Additionally, they have licensed and insured contractors, ensuring quality work and being prepared for any unexpected incidents.

Bell Electrical Contractors has a project manager who works with contractors and clients and communicates between both parties to ensure the work is done efficiently. Project managers monitor and check the process and make sure supplies and equipment are sufficiently provided.

Bell Electrical Contractors

Bell Electrical Contractors is owned by Andrew Bell, an electrician for 14 years. He’s gained a lot of knowledge in electrical, networking, TV, and even solar systems. He’s using his vast knowledge to supply his contractors with enough training for quality and safe work.

Bell Electrical Contractors has a team of licensed contractors and electricians that can help with your electrical needs. With well-trained licensed contractors, you’re guaranteed to work with professionals who know what they’re doing. You are guaranteed a safe and high-quality electrical service. They mainly serve areas around Bayside but also spread to other sites.

Bell Electrical Contractors works with different utility companies. They have served schools, offices and more. Most companies that they serve leave good feedback on their service. That just shows how great their services are and how good the quality of their work is.

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So, if you are looking for a Bayside electrician, the one for you is Bell Electrical Contractors. Call 0411 471 922 for more information about what we offer.